Our Prices

Cash Your Phones pays competitive prices for your used cell phones.  This is partly due do our strategic plan to provide quality service with high volume.  Our small profit on each device is minimal, which is why we focus on volume and satisfied, repeat customers.  Moreover, our ability to operate efficiently enables us to pay more for your mobile phones.

When selling mobile phones for profit, there are many variables to consider when determining the final value of the product.  Ultimately, the resale value is dictated by market demands and the condition of the device.  While certain products are in higher demand than others, there is almost always a demand regardless of a particular make and model.

We determine the condition of your mobile phone by inspecting the appearance and running tests on the internal systems.  This helps us offer you a competitive price based on “up to the minute” market demands.

For mobile phones that have no retail value, Cash Your Phones is committed to protecting the environment and conserving precious materials, and thus, will recycle your obsolete (end-of-life) phones at no cost to you.

The market for mobile phones remains active but the faster you get your old phone to market, the greater the value, due to the endless evolution of new technology.  Don’t let your used and/or unwanted phones accumulate dust.  Get started today!