How to Get Instant Cash for Used Phones

Every house has its share of castoff mobile phones.  Nobody uses them anymore, so all they do is gather dust and grow steadily more obsolete.  It’s sad, especially when you could be turning them into cash.  You get some of the original cost back and you have something to put toward your next purchase.

You can sell your cell phone in different ways.  Some take longer than others and involve more work.  It’s important to keep in mind that smartphones lose value quickly.  Your device is only state-of-the-art for as long as it takes companies to release the next model.  Also, it will sell better if it’s still under warranty, even if only for a few more days.  Therefore, the sooner you trade in your old phone the more you maximize your return and minimize the hassle you’ll have to deal with.

1.  Prepare your phone

First, make sure that the phone is actually yours to sell.  Have you finished paying for it?  Can you unlock it, or is it still tied to some sort of plan?  Make sure the next owner doesn’t have any problems.  Next, make backups of all your files and delete them from the phone.  Don’t leave any of your information behind.  Restore the phone to its original settings and keep the SIM card.

Next, see if the device needs any repairs.  If you can fix it easily, do so.  It will improve people’s assessment of the phone.  Finally, give it a good clean.  Just like a dirty car, a dirty phone is entirely preventable and will sell for more when it’s clean.  Do a thorough job, paying special attention to the speakers and screen.

2.  Brick-and-mortar stores

Many electronics stores also buy back used cell phones.  You can walk in, get your phone appraised, and sell for either a check or store credit.  No need to package your phone, no need to mail it, and no need to wait.

Of course, this isn’t an option for everyone.  Not everyone lives close to a major electronics store and not everyone wants store credit.  Also, it might not be a good idea to trade in your used phone at the same place you’re buying your new one.  Phone salesmen, like car salesmen, are always looking to make a profit.  Which brings us to the last point: brick-and-mortar stores have much more overhead than buyback companies on the Internet.  They won’t be able to offer you as much as their online counterparts.

3.  Buyback companies

Sites like ask you to describe your phone.  You input details like the brand, model, and condition, and based on these things the site gives you an instant quote.  You ship the phone at their expense, they test the device, and then they pay you.  Instant cash for used phones.  It couldn’t be simpler.

You won’t get the absolute best price from buyback companies, but the ease and convenience more than pays for any lost return.  These companies reset every phone they get, keeping your information safe.  They pay out guaranteed amounts and they do business in bulk.  The process is predictable and fast.  Best of all, you’ll never have risk meeting strangers.